Upcoming conferences end of 2014:

Microsoft Technical Server Summit, MVP Summit, PASS Summit, Microsoft Technical Summit

The end of year is approaching fast. For the next three months, several conferences are scheduled.

After the introduction of SQL Server 2014 at the BASTA in September in Mainz/Germany, I am continuing in October with a presentation on New Storage-Types in SQL Server 2014 at the Microsoft Technical Server Summit Düsseldorf/Germany:

Clustered Columnstore für DW und In-Memory OLTP – technische Hintergründe und Herausforderungen

Mit dem SQL Server 2014 kommt eine komplett neue Storage-Engine in den SQL Server: XTP mit Memory-optimierten Tabellen & Indexen. Und bereits seit der Version 2012 ist auch das ColumnStore-Format in die Engine integriert, welche in 2014 entscheidende Verbesserungen erfährt. In dieser Session wird der Microsoft Certified Master, Andreas Wolter, die technischen Hintergründe der neuen Speicherformen- & Engines beleuchten und ihre Vorteile demonstrieren. Ebenfalls aufgezeigt werden die technischen Herausforderungen dieser teilweise noch brandneuen Technologien, so dass Sie ein gutes Verständnis für die jeweils optimalen Einsatzszenarien und möglichen Migrationsaufwand mitnehmen können.

This is followed by the annual highlight at the beginning of November: After the MVP Summit, at which I’m hoping to learn about the most recent developments in terms of the forthcoming SQL Server, I will be attending the PASS Summit in Seattle/USA, which has become an annual habit since 2009.

The summit is the first point of contact for all those who want to always be up-to-date. The topics raised here will determine the content of the next one to two years at other, smaller-scale conferences as well at the regional groups of PASS worldwide.

Furthermore, the summit provides the valuable opportunity to connect directly with the developers of SQL Server on site.

This year, too, I will be presenting myself; however, just a short presentation, which will be on Reporting Services Map Reports & Dynamic ZOomiNG:

Reporting Services Map Reports & Dynamic ZOomiNG:

With the advent of Power Map, Reporting Services maps seem even more static than they already were. But do maps really have to be that static?

While we will not be able to spin the globe within a report, there are at least a few ways to get some action inside a map.

In this session, we will look at an implementation of how to dynamically zoom in and out of a reporting services map without the use of subreports. Add this to your tool kit to increase the interactive experience of your geospatial reports.

Once back in Germany, my next stop will be the Microsoft Technical Summit in Berlin where Microsoft’s new CEO, Satya Nadella, will be giving a keynote speech.

There, I will be presenting the latest on the forthcoming SQL Server version together with Patrick Heyde, Microsoft (Blog) – as far as already released for the public. Additionally I will be giving a Deep Dive-presentation in In-Memory.

Die genauen Inhalte der Session werden kurzfristig bekanntgegeben. Soviel sei verraten: Gezeigt werden Neuigkeiten rund um die nächste Version von SQL Server. Die Szenarien reichen von der Datenbank-Engine bis in die Cloud (Microsoft Azure) und decken On-Premise- und Cloud-Umgebungen ab. Seien sie also gespannt auf die kommenden Möglichkeiten mit On-Premise-, Hybrid- und Cloud-Only-Szenarien.

December will see the worthy finale with the annual PASS Camp, likewise on the topic of In-Memory: In-Memory vNext and lessons learned. Here I am speaking the fourth time in a row since 2011.

I hope to see some of you around somewhere,


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