ABOUT Andreas Wolter

Database system architect, security specialist.

Andreas Wolter is one of only 7 Microsoft Certified Solutions Master Data Platform (MCSM) worldwide. – This is the highest certification in the Data Platform track, which Microsoft awarded for only a short time after an extensive practical exam.

From 2018 to 2024, Andreas Wolter was jointly responsible for SQL Server and Azure SQL security features as a program manager at Microsoft. In this role, he led the development of a new access control system that is now used by Microsoft Purview policies and Fabric workspace roles. He was also responsible for expanding the SQL permissions system with over 50 new granular permissions, as used by new features such as Ledger and the Azure SQL database watcher.

Before joining Microsoft, he was the owner of Sarpedon Quality Lab®, the Germany-based company specializing in SQL Server security, high availability and performance.

2014-2018 he was awarded the MVP Award by Microsoft for his commitment to the SQL Server community.

* The MCSM is not comparable to the “Charter Member”-version which basically was a free addition for SQL Server 2008 Masters (MCM) (which I had also previously attained) given as a “goodbye present.” (Read more in this blog article).