Conferences 2009

In 2009, I spoke at 3 conferences and 4 PASS regional group meetings.
This also included my first appearance on the largest stage for SQL Server in the world: the PASS Summit in the USA.

PASS Summit 2009, Seattle, USA

Securing SQL Server from Inside-Attacks
SQLCON 2009, Mainz, Germany

Anspruchsvollere Berichte mit Reporting Services 2008
European PASS Conference 2009, Neuss, Germany

Standardizing and Centralizing Report Design
Regionalgruppentreffen Köln/Bonn/Düsseldorf

Sicherheit mit SQL und AS - ist doch ganz einfach
Indexoptimierung mit Hilfe von SQL Server Verwaltungsobjekten
SQL Server 2008 – Resource Governor entmystifiziert & Highlight Data- und Backup Compression
Regionalgruppentreffen Sachsen

Reporting Services 2008 Berichtsdesign Features