PreCon Performance Analysis & Tuning Techniques at SQLSaturday in Istanbul

What a year: after as many as 3 SQLSaturdays (Denmark, Netherlands, Germany) behind me, I will now also speak at SQSaturday #258 in Istanbul, Turkey. And after my first PreCon this year at the SQLSaturday in Germany, which I was co-presenting together with Mladen Prajdić, on the part “XEvents”, I will now be giving a full day PreCon on “Performance Analysis & Tuning Techniques”!

I am really excited about the topic and location at the same time. Istanbul is a must-see city for history- & photography enthusiasts like me. (My Facebook wall is awaiting great images 🙂

Back to the technical stuff. Here is the session description & agenda:

“Be ready for a full day of diving into SQL Server Performance Analysis. This session is focused on tools and techniques and how to resolve common problems. We will start on Operating System level using Perfmon and advance into SQL Server Wait Stats analysis for identifying bottlenecks. We will use different tools like SQL Trace & Profiler and the successor: Extended Events for detailed analysis and see what other tools are available from codeplex. We will examine the Plan cache and Indexing using DMVs and finally get into locking & concurrency problems. Expect lots of demos and a deep dive into core concepts of SQL Server.”

Included Topics:

  • Performance Monitor for Server-Level Performance Analysis
  • Wait-Stats Methology
  • SQL Trace & Profiler to Extended Events for Workload & Query-Analysis
  • Tempdb Performance Optimization
  • Plan-Cache Analysis
  • Index & Statistics, Analysis & Tuning
  • Locking & Blocking Analysis / Concurrency problems

And here is the link to the PreCon registration:

If you want to combine a weekend in a city of history and beauty, with some deep-dive SQL Server topics, come and join us 🙂

Besides the PreCon I will also hold a presentation on Saturday – it might be on “Security” if rumors are right 😉 (not public yet).

See you in Istanbul.