Received MVP Award for SQL Server

Yesterday, on 1 April 2014, I got great news:

I was awarded the MVP Award by Microsoft (MVP=Most Valuable Professional) for my contributions to the community (click here for MVP profile).

I am very excited about this recognition of my many contributions to conferences, usergroup meetings, and other activities!

In fact, since 2009 till today, I have appeared as a speaker in 27 conferences, speaking on different SQL Server topics from security to performance & index design to reporting services, and have given presentations in 34 usergroup meetings.

2013 saw yet another boost in my activities: That year alone I was speaker at 11 conferences, from Istanbul/Turkey to Charlotte/USA, and at 14 PASS regional group meetings (list).

In 2014, too, I can already look back on 2 conferences and 4 regional group meetings (list) – with more to come: Portugal, England, and – hopefully it will work out – USA for the 6th time. 🙂

Thus, I am participating in conferences to an almost similar extent as three other German MVP colleagues who have already been awarded, quite deservedly, the very award for their commitment to the German SQL Server Community PASS Deutschland e.V.: Tillmann Eitelberg, Oliver Engels – both of them in the chair of the PASS – and Constantin Klein who heads the Just Community e.V. and the .NET User Group Frankfurt, among others. – I am honored to be joining this illustrious circle!

This award is indeed a fantastic acknowledgement and incentive to continue – of course, this doesn’t mean I wouldn’t do so without this award, because the interaction with the community is in itself already an enrichment from which everyone is benefiting.

I would like to express my personal thanks to the following people who have supported my nomination to MVP in various ways:

Anna Feth (Microsoft MVP Programmkoordinator Region DACH), @AnnaFeth), Constantin Klein (MVP, Blog, @KostjaKlein), Daniel Weinmann (Product Marketing Manager – SQL Server/ BI Microsoft GmbH), Florian Endres (Community Program Manager, @senorf), Heike Ritter (Technical Evangelist Microsoft Deutschland GmbH, @HeikeRitter), Jack Richins (Principal Development Lead Microsoft SQL Server Security), Katrin Letzel (Microsoft MVP Community Program Manager, @katko), Niko Neugebauer (MVP, Blog, @NikoNeugebauer), Oliver Engels (MVP, @oengels), Scott Klein (SQL Server Evangelist, Microsoft, @SQLScott), Tillmann Eitelberg (MVP, Blog, @_Tillmann) and the Team of the datafino GmbH, to which I have a strong partnership as well as all anonymous supporters and technical sparring Partners.

I am at least equally grateful for all the valuable contacts, opportunities for dialogue and mutual exchange as for the award itself.



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