Security-Session: SQL Server under Attack this November @ SQL Rally Amsterdam

– privilege elevation, DoS-attack via SQL Injection and more.. live action

Alright, this is going to be the by far most active year in terms of speaking at international conferences: After 6 conferences last year, including SQL Rally Nordic, which I really liked a lot, I had to decide between SQL Rally Nordic again or SQL Rally Amsterdam or even both.

I decided for SQL Rally Amsterdam, because it is new, and because I promised the Dutch Chapter leader to hand in a session. So this year no SQL Rally Nordic.

  • Having spoken at already 7 conference this year, including 1.5 days of PreCon ( ) + 3 more coming up (PASS Summit Charlotte USA, TechNet Berlin Germany, PASS Camp Darmstadt Germany), 11 conferences in 2013 really is a lot. Also considering once in a while my customers are actually happy if I have time for them :-).

SQL Rally Amsterdam offers a choice of 5 (!) real high quality PreCons on Nov. 6th and 3 parallel session tracks on Nov. 7th-8th.: BI Platform Architecture, Development and Administration, Enterprise Database Administration and Deployment, Database and Application Development with many well-known international speakers, MCMs and MVPs.

I will be presenting “SQL Attack(ed)” – SQL Server Under Attack. A demo-loaded security session featuring 2 newly developed privilege elevation and DoS-attack techniques, executed via SQL-Injection, that I personally developed this summer in preparation of SQLSaturday Germany/Rheinland and also shown at SQLSaturday in Istanbul.

So if you want to see some reasons for taking security measures like permissions serious, live and in action, check it out!

CU in Amsterdam


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