SQL Server Master-Class Seminars – For all those who want to know exactly what’s what

– Starting in May with Extended Events

My First Blog Post here is partly for my own cause, but on the other hand, it is for You and all those who are inquisitive and eager to learn in terms of SQL Server:

I have often been asked if I wouldn’t want to write a book sometime to share my knowledge, or to offer deep-dive seminars like some other colleagues in the US are doing.

Unfortunately, I do not have the time to write a book. A complete book would be keeping me from active practice too much – and practice is essential – particularly since there are always new things to learn.

By contrast, seminars and presentations have a short cycle, results are immediately visible. Apart from the fact that I like sharing my knowledge I just enjoy this form of interaction.

I have thought about and asked around among colleagues what other offers were lacking which I or others have seen and came to the following conclusion:

  1. Mere presentation with in fact deep-dive contents but hardly any chance to apply them in exercises on the spot (very typical of the USA, whether PreCon-“Workshops” or seminars, they are rather always presentation-style and demos but no real “hands-on”) – and after the training week one often lacks the time to practice.
  2. Many sets of themes within one or several weeks, not all of which one still needs, but which are part of the 5 days. – And these 5 days are completely blocked as a result.
  3. Far and thus expensive journey.

And now the time has come: starting this summer, I am offering my own Deep-Dive training series, the “SQL Server Master-Classes.”

And what’s different here?:

  1. Exercises and time for exercises is always included so that one can test right away what one has just learned. In the SQL Server Master-Classes that contain “workshop” in their title, the practical content is about 40%.
  2. SQL Server Master-Classes are 1 to max. 3-day events that cover one set of themes each. E.g. 1 day “Concurrency” with everything related to the topic Transaction Isolation, Locking & Blocking, or 2 days “Indexes, Statistics and Partitioning,” because this topic cannot be covered in one day. However, both topics can be booked separately even though of course it all belongs to the topic “Performance.”
  3. “Learn from a Master” – For one, these are the first open seminars offered on a regular basis with a Certified Master (MCM + MCT) as instructor in and from Germany
    – and on the other hand, for the seminars taking in place in Frankfurt, train riders benefit from the absolute hit price of 99.00 Euros for the return-trip (Germany-wide). (For details, see website: www.sarpedonqualitylab.com/SQL_Master-Classes.htm)
  4. Just to make sure: the comparison with MOC course is not even attempted. Here, it is not only about Best Practices, but it is about learning what is behind all this so as to learn the BEST way rather than the “general best practice.”
  5. Of course, the well-being is also looked after. The seminars take place in a high-quality location, and a lunch menu as well as coffee breaks with snacks (coffee, tea, cake etc.) and unlimited soft drinks are also included.

And now turning to the content:

The following sets of themes are currently being prepared:

  • Workshop Tracing with Extended Events in SQL Server (1 day)
  • Workshop Advanced Techniques for Tracing with Extended Events in SQL Server (1 day)
  • Concurrency – Transactions, Isolation Level and Sperren (1 day)
  • Indexes, Statistics and Partitioning (2 days)
  • Optimization of Procedures and Functions (1 day)
  • Performance and Analysis Techniques & Tools + Workshop (2 days)
  • Baselining & Benchmarking (1 day)
  • Security Workshops (Essentials, Deep-Dive for Developers, Deep-Dive for Administrators, 1 day each)
  • Restoration Strategies and Techniques (1 day)
  • Workshop High Availability (2 days)
  • Beyond Relational with SQL Server – Filestream, FileTable, FullTextSearch, Geospatial (1 day)
  • Workshop Replication (1 day)

The new Master-Class series kicks off with XEvents:

  • Workshop Tracing with Extended Events in SQL Server (1 day)
    • Frankfurt am Main, 17 May 2013
  • Workshop Advanced Techniques for Tracing with Extended Events in SQL Server (1 day)
    • Frankfurt am Main, 18 May 2013

The Super Early Bird is still on until 29 March, and the Early Bird is on until 22 April! There are no longer spots available for the first date. That is why we have scheduled a 2nd date for the 13th and 14th of June. Registration is possible as of now (an Early Bird offer is also available again). Members of the PASS Deutschland e.V. get a 10% discount.

You can find the current list and registration information here: www.sarpedonqualitylab.com/SQL_Master-Classes.htm

happy learning,


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