SQLKonferenz in Darmstadt: Presenting the Security Features of SQL Server 2016 with the program manager of the security-teams from Redmond

This year, from 23 to 25 February, the 3rd ”SQLKonferenz” takes place in Darmstadt.

And this year represents a particular peak for me in two regards:

For one, my company, Sarpedon Quality Lab®, is for the first time Silver Sponsor of the conference. In this way, I am supporting PASS Deutschland e.V., the German SQL Server Community, with which I have been closely connected for many years, and in which I have also been involved as one of the 3 regional chapter leaders of the Rheinland Region for a couple of years.

And the highlight per se – ever since I had for the first time demonstrated to a large audience at the PASS Summit in Seattle in 2009 how to break through SQL Server in terms of security – is:

Joachim Hammer, the Head of Security for the SQL Engines at Microsoft in Redmond (i.e. SQ Server as well as the In-Memory Engine XTP, Azure, APS, …) will be introducing with me the new security features of SQL Server 2016, which will be released soon!

This is a great honor for me. I am happy that I was able to convince him to attend our conference in Germany and to be available to the tough German audience in a joint session.

Update with a photo from our presentation

The sessions agenda:

SQL Server 2016 – The security release – News from Redmond

In this session, Joachim Hammer, Program Manager of the Security-Team for the relational SQL Engines in Redmond, and Andreas Wolter, Microsoft Certified Solutions Master for the Data Platform, will give insights into the most important security features of SQL Server 2016. In fact, this release will introduce completely new features that serve data security on different levels. The top 3 features are: Dynamic Data Masking, Row Level Security, and, as a highlight: Always Encrypted. The session will provide technical insights and demos but also hints to security traps as well as the unique opportunity to address questions regarding implementation details and the development process directly to the head of development. This session aims to assist Administrators as well as Developers in determining the right technologies for their needs.

Time of the presentation: 24 Feb., 1:30-2:30 pm.

For those who can make it work somehow: don’t miss out on the chance to pose questions directly to the Program Manager for SQL Security!

In addition, on 25 Feb. there will be a special Panel Discussion on Security in SQL Server, which I will be chairing. Here, too, Joachim Hammer will certainly be the star guest. I won’t tell who the other guests are, as it’s kind of supposed to be a surprise.  🙂

This year, the topic In-Memory will be taken over by my distinguished colleague Guido Jacobs, also from Microsoft. His presentation, which will follow right after mine, is on “Operational Analytics:” the term for the combination of In-Memory OLTP with ColumnStore Technology that is possible in SQL Server 2016. My advice: it is worth dealing with it now. The XTP-Engine is far more sophisticated in SQL Server 2016 and applicable for many more workloads and database designs.

Here you can find the complete agenda of the SQL Conference:


I am looking forward to interesting discussions. This time, I will be easier to find: unless I am sitting in on a presentation, or presenting myself, you should find me at the Sarpedon Quality Lab® booth :-).

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