Time for a new challenge: Senior Program Manager Microsoft SQL Server Security Team

This blog post is in a sense the beginning of an end, and marks on the other hand a fresh start: from November 2018, so in about 8 weeks, I will no longer fulfill customer requests on behalf of my company Sarpedon Quality Lab®. Instead, I decided to accept a great offer from Microsoft and switch to the Redmond SQL Server Security Team. *

Anyone who knows me can imagine that this is a consistent continuation of my motto, not to stop, but to keep searching for new challenges, new knowledge and opportunities for improvement. And this ultimately in the service of my customers. In Germany nothing will surprise me after many years of big and small projects:

So I’ve seen, improved, or co-developed a wide range of systems, from multi-terabyte data warehouse designs to millisecond latency-sensitive OLTP systems, data corruption due to crashed SAN systems, traces of SQL injection attacks in systems, and complex Availability Group architectures.

On the one hand this was an advantage in many projects where I could benefit from this experience, but on the other hand I do not see the end of the possibilities for me. At Microsoft, on the other hand, the very environment I expect to be able to influence customers around the world is what awaits me. In this way, I will, so to speak, stay connected to all of you.

I am delighted to join the team for Database Security, which has been close to me for years, and to be able to maintain the high standards of security in SQL Server and bring in my own ideas of which I have accumulated many. I hope that in the near future some of this will arrive in SQL Server. 🙂

I would like to thank you, my loyal readers and customers, and also especially the German PASS Community and SentryOne, for the close to 18 successful years together and partnerships and I look forward to meeting you again in a different constellation.

* More specifically, I will first work for Microsoft UK from near London, before moving to Redmond. Hence, as of November, unfortunately, there will be no real MCSM, Microsoft Certified Solutions Master of Data Platform anymore in Germany (andreas-wolter.com/en/tales-from-certification-hell-what-an-mcm-mca-mcsm-mcsm-charter-member-mcse-or-mvp-really-is/ ).

What does this mean for Sarpedon Quality Lab®?

Sarpedon Quality Lab will continue to exist. Two extremely capable colleagues, including one MVP, will continue to be available for active support:

  • Ralf Dietrich for architecture topics (high availability, security and performance)

I am particularly happy to have regained my former mentor for Sarpedon Quality Lab, as I am aware that there are no free specialists in Germany with in-depth knowledge in topics such as SQL Server security and high availability, and thus they can continue to be well served.

  • Torsten Strauß (MVP) for optimization topics (indexes, queries, SSIS and data warehousing)

Having also introduced Torsten Strauß to scalable data warehouse design for a long time, and by now even outstripping me on some topics, I am sure that this combination is the best you can find on the German market.

How I will personally be able to respond to questions will be clarified in detail in the near future.

Last SQL Server Master-Class: To give those who have not been able to get one last chance to train with me, the Master Class Z is in the planning stage: http://sql-server-master-class.com/#MCZ – Here we look forward to receiving any feedback to assess the need for this effort.

Last Conference:

From October 8th to 11th, I can be met for a last time in the name of my own company at a German conference:

At the SQLDays, I give the full-time workshop “Practical SQL Server Performance Analysis”. The only one of its kind that allows anyone to access my demo server, as well as a session to analyze availability groups.
More information here: http://sqldays.net/2018/


Andreas Wolter

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