Upcoming Conferences: SQLSaturdays in Denmark and Portugal.

– Presenting In-Memory OLTP Deep-Dive for Administrators

In March and April, 2 European SQLSaturdays take place, which have the potential for a real insiders’ tip:

On March 29th in Copenhagen, Danmark
and April 12th in Lisbon, Portugal.

Since I already participated as a speaker in Copenhagen last year, I can avouch from “insider information” for the excellent organization and speaker choice.

And my much valued collegue Niko Neugebauer (Blog, Twitter:@NikoNeugebauer) vouches for Portugal – after all what has “leaked” in th emeantine, it will be another congenial event. Condign to the first SQLSaturday-Location in Europe ever.

I would like to at least mention some speakers, whom I personally know, by name, but I would also like to stress immediately that all other sessions are definitely worth looking at just as well:

In Denmark there will be:

I am excited to see all of you again soon!

The complete Agenda can be found here: www.sqlsaturday.com/275/schedule.aspx

I am excited to see all of you again soon in Copenhagen!

In Portugal there will be:

The complete Agenda can be found here: www.sqlsaturday.com/267/schedule.aspx

I am excited to see all of you again soon in Lisbon!

And my humble self, what am I presenting?
After I have been engaged deeply with eXtreme Transactional Processing, the new, integrated, In-Memory Engine of SQL Server, since November 2013, where I presented this new technology for the first time publically in Germany, I will now give a Deep-Dive for Administrators:

SQL Server 2014 In-Memory OLTP / XTP Management Deep Dive
Denmark & Portugal

You have heard about Hekaton, respectively the new acronym XTP (eXtreme Transactional Processing) and you want to know how it works under the cover? In this session we will take a closer look at the architecture, where the performance benefits come from and how it works in detail. What kind of files is SQL Server using for transactional consistency, what happens when you delete data inside the log and inside the data files. We will see the Merge-Process and the Garbage Collector in action, see how memory management works for XTP enabled databases, and thereby get an in-depth understanding of how this completely new storage engine works and how to optimize for it.

CU in Copenhagen, Lisbon.. or at another conference soon 🙂


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