Received 2nd MVP Award for SQL Server

On 1 April 2015 I have been awarded the MVP Award by Microsoft (MVP=Most Valuable Professional) for the second time.

Microsoft Certified (Solutions) Master, MCM/MCSM: Who will be the last MCM SQL Server ;-) ?

“Extension!” After the announcement by Microsoft Learning (MSL) that they would no longer offer the certification MCM/MCSM/MCA caused a tremendous outcry among all those who were seriously occupied with the issue of advanced certification, striving for it or simply appreciative of its value as an indicator of highest technical skills (also see here: Microsoft Certified […]

Microsoft Certified Master & Architect (MCM & MCA) – The End of Advanced Certification.

“The MCM is dead, long live the new one…” – There is no new one. (Or maybe there is? – I’ll get to that at the end of the blog.) This morning, Saturday, the 31st of August, shortly after 7 o’clock – corresponding to a Friday evening at 10 o’clock, just before the national holiday […]

SQL Server Master-Class Seminars – For all those who want to know exactly what’s what – Starting in May with Extended Events

My First Blog Post here is partly for my own cause, but on the other hand, it is for You and all those who are inquisitive and eager to learn in terms of SQL Server: I have often been asked if I wouldn’t want to write a book sometime to share my knowledge, or to […]