Evaluation SQL Server

The “Evaluation of SQL Server Status” is a small form of the status analysis that is suitable, for instance, for the following purposes:

  • Evaluation of the basic necessity of improvement measures
  • Clarification of existence of basic maintenance
  • Cost estimate for the scope of a comprehensive Performance Analysis
  • Clarification of the basic readiness of a server

The following is included in the evaluation for a server with an SQL Server instance:

  • Inspection of basic settings, including virtualization
  • Checking patchlevel SQL Server
  • Screening for software unsuitable for the server
  • Sampling of a typical workload, max. 15 minutes, at a suitable time slot after consultation, using Windows Performance Monitor, DMVs and, if applicable, Extended Events
  • High-level performance usage check of selected resources for SQL Server
  • Recommendation of follow-up measures in text format
  • Regarding possible additional packages in Integration Services Packages, Reporting Services Reports and Server, Analysis Services Cubes and High Availability Techniques we will be happy to advise you if requested.

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