Sessions at the SQLCon 2011

This year, too, I am going to be present with two sessions until now at the SQL Con 2011 (26-29 September) in Mainz.

Update (09/2011): I cancelled the presentation on “Reporting Services in SQL Server Denali” in favor of a topic I feel even more strongly about. (Besides, the Reporting Services themselves will hardly go through any innovations in Denali.) In its place, I will be giving a session on the security features & techniques of SQL Server for developers:

  • “Security for SQL Server Developers”

“Protection against SQL Injection should be part of every developer’s repertory by now. However, there are other ways to access or manipulate sensitive data. In this demo-intensive session (watch out: code, code) we will focus first and foremost on other techniques one should include in one’s repertoire in order to reinforce the security of one’s data. They include basics such as schema design for security, owner-chains and their pitfalls, code signing and encryption for the most critical data.”

  • In the session “Centralization of Report Design with 2008 R2” I will demonstrate how to achieve efficient and centralized report templates using basic techniques and existing features:

“When creating reports with Reporting Services, you will realize that very quickly further ones will be asked for. And sooner or later, a uniform appearance will be called for. The out-of-the-box-support for this is rather feeble. Still, it is possible to achieve a strong increase in efficiency in the creation of new reports by means of a smart combination of the available options.”

I would be happy to personally, “offline,” welcome some of you.

Andreas Wolter

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