Security-Check-Script & Survey: SQL Server Security – Database-Owners, critical Permissions and role membership

In this survey, I would like to explore in a greater radius which accounts are typically used as database owners. I will subsequently publish the cumulated results here to share them with the community together with some recommendations for hardening security. In this instance, particular server-wide permissions both of the used account as well as, […]

Survey: Which Tracing and Analysis-Tools do you use for SQL Server?

In my session Session „Hasta la vista Profiler – Tracing with Extended Events“, which I have presented at several occasions, I used to ask the audience which tools they used for monitoring so far. I would like to use this platform to survey on a broader range as to which tools are being used by […]

Umfrage zur Zertifizierung Microsoft Certified Master (MCM) / Solutions Master (MCSM), Trainingsmöglichkeiten und Interview

Diesmal geht es in meinem Blog weniger technisch zu: Ich habe vor kurzem bei XING eine kleine Umfrage durchführen lassen, um einmal zu erfahren, warum es weltweit, aber auch insbesondere im Deutschen Raum so wenige MCMs gibt. – Speziell außerhalb von Microsoft-Angestellten selber schwankt die Anzahl je nach Produkt zwischen 0 und 6.