My conference sessions in 2015:

from Extended Events over In-Memory to Security

Finally I get to write about my conference-talks in 2015.

The year started really great with the German SQL Server Konferenz in Darmstadt with 2 sessions on In-Memory OLTP in SQL Server 2014 – one of them being even a full-day PreCon, which I co-presented with Niko Neugebauer, who was talking about Clustered ColumnStore Indexes.

PreCon: “In-Memory Internas: Clustered Columnstore & In-Memory OLTP Deep Dive”

Session: “In-Memory OLTP für Entwickler“ (In-Memory OLTP for Developers)

In March I was happy to have been speaker for the second time at the SQLBits in London – probably THE event outside of PASS in Europe if not worldwide. There I presented one of my favorite topics on Performance tools: Extended Events

In April I joined the SQLDay Poland for the first time, giving a session on Locking & Blocking and a second session on Security, namely SQL Injection:

For June I am happy to be able to announce that I will again present on Extended Events at the SQL Saturday #409 Rheinland/Germany. – In fact I have already presented at the first German SQL Saturday in 2012 on Extended Events (“Tracing with SQL Server 2012 Extended Events”) – I hope this year it will be the final round to get even the last one off of the old & dusty SQL Profiler.

Added to that I am honored to give one of the 2 full day and free of cost PreCons: Together with Patrick Heyde, Microsoft (Technet-Blog), I will talk on SQL Server in Azure Environments. Specifically on how to optimally configure such deployments to performance and cost-efficiency at the same time. (Also see my blog article “SQL Server in Microsoft Azure: How to gain performance by flexibility and save costs at the same time”)

Besides giving a free PreCon and regular session, my Company Sarpedon Quality Lab is again officially sponsoring this home-event. This is part of my commitment to the German PASS Community – especially since my own family starts to take more time, this is a bit of what I can do to support the PASS Deutschland e.V..

PreCon: Hybrid IT – Azure Scenarios & Dynamic Infrastructure

Tracing with Extended Events – Top Features

  • If you are still using Profiler, or just started with XEvents, be sure to come along to see some of the nifty features 😉

In September I will be at the SQLSaturday #413 Denmark in Copenhagen, organized, among others, by Regis Baccaro. I will be giving yet another PreCon on In-Memory OLTP and Clustered ColumnStore and a regular session on SQL Server storage.

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