Full day PreCon Practical Performance Analysis in Melbourne at Asia & Australia Tour 2018

As it has almost become a habit by now for me, I will be touring Asia this summer. This year not only Asia, but for the first time also Australia. (There, however, is winter, which sometimes leads to funny confusion in agreements until you get used to this.)

1st stop: Singapore – Azure SQL Database Managed Instance

As so often my first stop is Singapore. One of the most amazing cities & countries on the planet. It’s the elected “most performing smart city” of the world 2017. If you are in AI, Analytics, IoT or Big Data in general, this is the place to be and really get things done.

The Azure Community Singapore (ACS) was so kind as to organize a special meeting on
Monday June 25th at Microsoft Singapore (One Marina Boulevard, A22CF12, Level 22)
and I will be presenting on the new SQL Database Managed Instance: Azure SQL Database Managed Instance – The Better Alternative to Azure SQL Database or SQL Server in a VM?

Please register here: https://www.meetup.com/AzureSG/events/251643641/

2nd stop: Melbourne – Performance Analysis and Availability Group Performance

My first ever conference in Australia, and I am honored to be asked to deliver my 1-day workshop on Performance Analysis as a PreCon for the SQLSaturday Melbourne on June 29th:

Practical SQL Server Performance Analysis

This full-day Precon will teach you techniques for general troubleshooting and performance analysis from basic to advanced techniques. A highlight is the possibility to connect live to the Demo Server hosted on Azure via your local SSMS to analyze prepared scenarios on your own. This is probably the first ever PreCon with a continuously running workload for analysis by all attendees! We analyze a choice from the following scenarios:

  • Investigating Memory Problems
  • Identifying Plan Regression
  • Analysis of Indexes & Statistics
  • Detecting I/O Latency problems
  • Investigating Tempdb Performance
  • Locking & Blocking Analysis, Concurrency problems

Techniques & Tools taught:

  • SQL Server Architecture & Internals
  • Monitoring Methodology, Tools & Techniques:
  • Dynamic Management Views (DMVs)
  • Wait Statistics
  • Extended Events for Workload & Query-Analysis
  • Query Store
  • By request: Overview on Third-Party tools

Expect lots of demos and a deep dive into core concepts of SQL Server.

You can register for it here: https://www.trybooking.com/book/event?embed&eid=387459

The session has only been recently announced but is already filling up quickly. About 50% of the seats are booked already, just after the end of the early bird (June 15th)!

At the SQLSaturday main conference day on June 30th I will also demonstrate the important performance indicators for Availability Groups in this session:

Troubleshooting Always On Availability Groups Performance

3rd stop: Sydney – Availability Group Performance and Locking & Blocking

The weekend after I will be in Sydney for the SQLSaturday conference and a User Group Meeting.

On July 7th at SQLSaturday Sydney I will again present on Availability Groups:

Troubleshooting Always On Availability Groups Performance

On July 10th I will present at the Sydney SQL Server User Group on another very technical topic: Locking & Blocking.

You can register here: From Locks to No Locks – Concurrency in SQL Server

4th stop: Hong Kong – Security

And for the final stopover in Hong Kong, I will be presenting for the HK Microsoft MVP Reconnect and MVP Community on July 13th. Topic: SQL Server Security

You can register here: https://www.facebook.com/events/659587234386024/

With 16.473 km or 10.236 miles from Frankfurt to Sydney this is the longest trip for me so far.

Special thanks to all the organizers of the various user groups or conference committees for inviting me to present. In no particular order I would like to mention:

Goh Chun Lin from Singapore, Martin Cairney and Martin Catherall from Melbourne, Grant Paisley and Victor Isakov from Sydney, Dominic Lee, Ken Lin and Jacky Yau from Hong Kong.

Thank you for you very unbureaucratic and sometimes super spontaneous organization for Event Locations and more. Some of them made it happen within a matter of less than a week. Great spirit.

In that sense: I hope to meet many enthusiasts like you at these events. When you see me, come and say Hello.

One week until takeoff..


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