Received 2nd MVP Award for SQL Server

On 1 April 2015 I have been awarded the MVP Award by Microsoft (MVP=Most Valuable Professional) for the second time.
My MVP Profile.

I can accredit myself with 2 MVPs (2014 und 2015) as well as 2 Certified Master-Titles 🙂
(MCSM (Microsoft Certified Solutions Master) Data Platform on SQL Server 2012)

I am very happy about this second recognition of my activities for SQL Server, especially for the Professional Association for SQL Server (PASS) and particularly of the PASS Deutschland e.V., – the association of German Chapters.

2014 I have been at 10 conferences and 6 regional chapter group-meetings where I held 15 presentations altogether as well as 2 PreCons.
Furthermore I gave 2 PASS Essentials on the topic of Performance Monitoring.

It started with the German SQL Server Konferenz, which PASS Germany organized together with Microsoft Germany, where I presented In-Memory OLTP with XTP (Hekaton) in SQL Server 2014. (2013 I presented the In-Memory Engine of SQL Server already for the first time ever in public in Germany.)

Added to that I have been at several special Microsoft-conferences, like the Microsoft Technical Summit. Many thanks at this point to Microsoft for their confidence, to give me such opportunities to pass on my knowledge at such events also especially to partners.

  • All in all, since 2009 I have been at 39 conferences with altogether 53 presentations – without the Usergroup-presentations

Many thanks to Anna Feth, Birgit Huebsch, Isabell Fischer und Katrin Letzel, my MVP Community Program Managers for their ongoing support and also all other colleagues at Microsoft with who working together or exchanging ideas has always been a joy and support for me:
Bernhard Frank, Daniel Weinmann, Denis Mrksa, Florian Endres, Frank Seiwerth, Georg Urban, Guido Jacobs, Hanna Altheimer, Heike Ritter, Lars Schmoldt, Martin Rinas, Martin Vach, Olivia Klose, Patrick Heyde, Ralph Kemperdick, Stephan Pepersack, Thomas Palm, Volker Hinz, Werner Gauer from Germany, and from the US above all Jack Richins, Jos de Bruijn and Nadav Helfman from the Security respectively In-Memory-Engine Team.
Last but not least I also want to say thank you to my colleagues from PASS Germany for another year of excellent teamwork:
Oliver Engels, Klaus Höltgen, Kostja Klein, Tillmann Eitelberg from the headquarter, Christoph Muthmann as my Co-Chapterleader, Niko Neugebauer as well as all other chapter leaders where I was welcomed as a guest over the last years.
Thank you everybody.

now “quadruple M”:

MCSM, MCM and 2 times MVP 🙂

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